Organic Baby Ideas

Babies are pretty important little people, and as parents, we want to do what's best for them! Here are a few ideas to help grow your baby up healthy!

If possible, try to limit the amount of plastic toys that come into your home. Instead, go for some long lasting wooden, cloth, natural rubber and tin toys! 

Again, here we run into the plastic problem. There are some great stainless steel and glass alternatives with real rubber nipples that will be much better for baby.

Cloth diapers are awesome. End of story! If you don't feel like cleaning the dirty diapers yourself, see if there's a diaper service in your area that will come pick them up and clean them for you.
I've had to use disposable diapers at night because my baby girl would sleep all night, and the cloth ones just weren't able to handle the volume. I also took disposables on long trips where I didn't want to be crating around poopy diapers in my bag all day!

Soaps & Lotions
Oh the terrible chemical ingredients in baby products that are advertised as 'gentle' and 'safe'. I insist on using the Miessence line on my kids - the products are certified organic to food grade, so I never have to worry about if my toddler ends up eating her diaper cream. (true story!)

Pretty much every bit of cloth we put on our kids has some sort of fire retardant in it, so unless you want to be making all your baby clothes from scratch (hard!) the least we can do is try to only put all natural materials on our babies skin like cotton, wool, and linen.

Making your own baby food can be quick and easy if you plan it right, and you are then assured that nothing is in your babies food that you don't want. Plus, it saves you a ton of money on little glass jars! 
Hint: Try taking a day to make a lot of baby food, and then freeze it in ice cube trays for easy meals later!

Best thing ever for baby! There are no negative side effects, and your baby will be super healthy! Make sure you are eating enough healthy foods to keep up your milk supply! Now is not the time for dieting! If you are still having problems with making enough milk, try looking into a breast milk bank near you to help supplement.

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