Meal of the Day: Chicken Soup Stock

Soup stock - One of the best things out there for you! When done right, it's jam packed with vitamins and minerals in an easy to digest form! I use the chicken stock recipe from Nourishing Traditions, and usually add my own twist depending on what veggies I have in the fridge that need to be used up.

Basically, after you've finished cutting up your raw chicken, you take the leftover carcass and toss it in a pot with filtered water, a couple tablespoons of vinegar, and veggies. In this pot I put carrots, celery, parsley, onion and spinach. You let it sit out for 30 minutes to an hour, and then bring it to a boil. Then you remove any scummy stuff that rises to the top, turn down the heat, cover it with a lid and let it simmer for the next 6 - 24 hours. The longer you simmer it, the better it will taste.
Once it's done cooking, you can strain it (keep any leftover meat on the bones - you can use it when you make soup!) and then freeze/can/refrigerate it until you're ready to make soup!
If you want more detailed instructions, I recommend you buy the book!

"Why is chicken soup superior to all the things we have, even more relaxing than 'Tylenol'? It is because chicken soup has a natural ingredient which feeds, repairs and calms the mucous lining in the small intestine. This inner lining is the beginning or ending of the nervous system. It is easily pulled away from the intestine through too many laxatives, too many food additives... and parasites. Chicken soup... heals the nerves, improves digestion, reduces allergies, relaxes and gives strength."
~Hanna Kroeger, Ageless Remedies from Mother's Kitchen.

Organic on a Budget: Entry 5

I figured it was about time for another update! 
The past two weeks have been spent trying out a local service - The Organic Box. I like and dislike it all at the same time. I love the concept, idea and execution of the whole thing. However, I have this thing about picking out my own produce and not having it shipped to me in a box. In my first box I got Roma tomatoes that went mouldy the day after. My second box had mouldy shallots. I also despise online shopping. I need to physically look, see and touch what it is I'm buying to be fully happy. 
It's a great service for people who don't like, or don't have time to shop. However, grocery shopping is great therapy for me, and I have lots of time to do it. I leave the kids with my husband, and go wander around the farmers market and Organic Planet and come home happy, inspired and ready to tackle my kitchen. 
So while I would happily recommend The Organic Box, I won't be signing up anytime soon.

On another, unrelated note, BREAD! I used to be an amazing bread baker, but these last few months have really thrown me for a loop. It either comes out super dense and heavy, or full of holes (amongst other problems). Last night I nearly threw the dough and pans out the window at a passing cat. 
It always turns out edible, just never the way I want it too. I'm pretty sure I've spent hours online looking up tips and tricks about making whole wheat bread. One of these days I'm bound to come across the magic ratio that is a winner. Until then, if you love your cats, keep them away from my window.

Miessence Vitality Challenge!

Are you ready to experience how Miessence's potent, raw, vegan, certified organic superfoods can make a difference to your vitality and well-being?

As you take part in this 10 day journey, you may discover changes to your body, energy levels, your well-being, and even your mind!

The Vitality Challenge kit contains:

  • 10 day supply of BerryRadical Antioxidant Superfood
  • 10 day supply of DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood
  • 10 day supply of InLiven Probiotic Superfood
  • 20 page Vitality Challenge book including self-assessment guide, detox guide and bonus Smoothie recipes

On our Vitality Challenge mini-web site you will find:

  • A wealth of information about our three Miessence Superfoods
  • Information about the detox process as well as the benefits of accepting the Vitality Challenge
  • A special offer - a minimum 20% off the full size Vitality Pack
  • Free shipping when you commit to purchasing the Miessence Vitality Pack every month

Please note: The Vitality Challenge is a promotional product and is therefore not eligible for discount.

The Miessence Detox Guide


Detox symptoms occur when your organs and cells release toxins at a greater rate than your body can eliminate them, so they get recirculated making you feel a little off your game.
Don’t worry. This is a normal and healthy process. Your body is doing exactly what it’s designed to do.
For most people, the detox symptoms will last only a short while. Please know that if you bear through this detox period, you WILL emerge on the other side, better, clearer, more energised and healthier than before.
Some commonly reported healing symptoms people experience during a detox include:

• Tiredness, lethargy
• General aches and pains
• Headaches
• Symptoms of an existing illness may flare up
• Skin eruptions such as pimples, cysts and rashes
• Excess mucous, phlegm, sinus conditions, dry mouth, coating on the tongue
• Sticky, dark or loose stools, frequent bowel movements, gas, cramps, diarrhoea
• Disturbed sleep, strange dreams
• Sensitivity to heat and cold
• Irritability and mood swings

The human body is very good at knowing what it needs to do to heal itself and will do so with the right support. But there are plenty of other things you can do to help:

• Be still and breathe. Calm your body and calm your mind. Rest as much as possible and consider regular meditation. Slow, deep breathing is an excellent way to calm the nervous system.
• Eat lightly. You may feel your appetite wax and wane during this process. Light broths such as organic chicken and vegetable and non-irritating foods such as quinoa or millet are ideal.
• Drink plenty of water. Ideally, spring water is best, otherwise filtered water is vitally important. You should aim for about two litres a day.
• Avoid pain killers that mask symptoms. It might be tempting to pop an aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen to alleviate the symptoms but it will hinder the cleansing process and prolong the discomfort.
• Treat yourself! This a part of the new you – a massage not only feels wonderful, but it is also an excellent way to help relieve aches and pains you might experience
• Dry skin brushing daily before a shower helps remove dead skin cells and boosts circulation.
• Relaxing baths with salts that contain plenty of minerals will help reduce symptoms as well as nourish your body.

The healing process is as unique as each individual, so some people might experience many symptoms and others hardly any at all. If you do have concern about the type or duration of detox systems you might be experiencing then consult with a trusted health practitioner.

10 Ginger Benefits

Meal of the Day - Fresh Pasta with Basil Pesto

Ok, I'll admit it. This isn't a fully 'organic' meal. I fell in love with the fresh pasta and basil pesto from the farmers market, and brought them home. Then I added fresh tomato, a dollop of sour cream (the pesto was very zingy, and the sour cream helped tone it down so everyone else in the house would be willing to eat it.),  and then finished it off with a bit of mozza cheese on top. It all got baked in the oven until it was hot, bubbly and the cheese was nice and toasty!

Organic On A Budget: Entry 4

Alright! Back to blogging! 
After an eventful week full of everyone in my household sharing a nasty stomach flu, and a lot of food going bad from not being eaten due to said flu (very depressing), I am back on track! I'm learning as I go, and have unfortunately had to make a few compromises along the way.

1. Money
I'm a little more flexible with my budget now, and am learning to shop smart. Staying exactly on budget isn't always as great as getting the best deals - which usually come in bulk, and take out a huge budget chunk. In the end though, it's way cheaper than buying individual portions every week. 

2. Dairy products.
If you're arguing raw, unpasteurized organic milk vs regular pasteurized store milk, raw wins hands down with me, no questions asked, every time. I will always go with raw. But when it comes down to organic pasteurized milk vs regular pasteurized milk (and other milk/dairy products) we get into a grey area. When it comes to Canadian milk, there is no major distinction between organic, and non-organic. Pasteurization kills everything, both good and bad. So I've stopped buying organic dairy products for now, and have just really cut back on my consumption of them so I have more money to put towards things that are important to eat organic, like meat and thin skinned veggies. 

3. Local
This one is huge for me now - even more important than organic. It is so crucial that we support our local farmers and agriculture!! I always shop at my local farmers market before I go anywhere else for my food. The one I go to has an amazing selection and lots of organic choices as well (They even have a cheese stand!). It's great to be able to cultivate a relationship with and get to know the people that are growing your food. 

4. Seasonal & Traditional
I highly recommend that everyone read this book by Sally Fallon - Nourishing Traditions. It is an indispensable resource in a time where it's extraordinarily difficult to figure out what is actually 'healthy'. It also has yummy recipes. You will like them. 
Warning: Don't read this book when you're sleepy - I tried to read the chapter about fats after a long day of being sick with the girls, and I felt like I was trying to understand high school biology again. It was intense. 

Health Benefits of Mangos

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