Organic on a Budget: Entry 5

I figured it was about time for another update! 
The past two weeks have been spent trying out a local service - The Organic Box. I like and dislike it all at the same time. I love the concept, idea and execution of the whole thing. However, I have this thing about picking out my own produce and not having it shipped to me in a box. In my first box I got Roma tomatoes that went mouldy the day after. My second box had mouldy shallots. I also despise online shopping. I need to physically look, see and touch what it is I'm buying to be fully happy. 
It's a great service for people who don't like, or don't have time to shop. However, grocery shopping is great therapy for me, and I have lots of time to do it. I leave the kids with my husband, and go wander around the farmers market and Organic Planet and come home happy, inspired and ready to tackle my kitchen. 
So while I would happily recommend The Organic Box, I won't be signing up anytime soon.

On another, unrelated note, BREAD! I used to be an amazing bread baker, but these last few months have really thrown me for a loop. It either comes out super dense and heavy, or full of holes (amongst other problems). Last night I nearly threw the dough and pans out the window at a passing cat. 
It always turns out edible, just never the way I want it too. I'm pretty sure I've spent hours online looking up tips and tricks about making whole wheat bread. One of these days I'm bound to come across the magic ratio that is a winner. Until then, if you love your cats, keep them away from my window.

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