Organic On A Budget: Entry 3

I DID IT!! I lasted a whole week! I must say I'm pretty proud of myself! I did a small shop yesterday to help tide me over until Saturday when I will raid the Farmers Market for my next weeks worth of food!
It feels so good to accomplish a difficult goal that you've set for yourself!
As for things I've learned, the one that really sticks in my head is that age old saying "waste not, want not."
When you work so hard to make a menu plan, pull all your hair out from trying to stay on budget, and spend hours in the kitchen making things from scratch, you are MUCH less likely to just throw food out. You will suddenly find that your mindset will shift from wasteful to useful. I found myself doing things like using the leftover flour from coating my chicken for gravy instead of fresh flour from the bag, and cooking only what I know we'll use. If I'm still hungry, I can always make more - but there's no point in cooking too much.
It's the little things that count! I am looking forward to another eventful week full of new and exciting things!

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