Organic On A Budget: Entry Two

Day five of my going organic journey! 
Turns out I'm part pirate when it comes to my menu schedule.
"The code is more of a guideline than actual rules really." seems to be my motto. I find I much more enjoy 'surprise' cooking. The mentality of going into the fridge, rummaging through the ingredients, and coming up with whatever I feel like eating at that given moment gives me pleasant shivers of joy. However, the menu has come in handy when I've just woken up from a night that did not consist of much sleep, I have hungry babies tugging at my nightgown for breakfast, and I've forgotten what I was planning on making for breakfast that day.
Other than that, I went on a shopping trip to the farmers market. I was in heaven! After buying a homeless guy some lunch, I walked around taking note of what was available and buying a couple of treats such as fresh grapes from BC. 
I found it hard to compare produce prices with that of the store because everything goes by weight at the store, and most of the produce at the market goes by bag or container. From what I can tell though, the market is cheaper. The bags of food tend to be more expensive than the store, but they are also substantially larger.

I am also looking into a service here in Edmonton called 'The Organic Box'. I'll let you know how that goes!

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