Organic On A Budget: Introduction

"I'd like to try eating all organic food." I announced to Andrew one afternoon.
"You're nuts" he replied "There's no way we can afford that!"
"If I promise to stick to a budget can I at least try?" I pleaded.
He shrugged his shoulders and doubtfully replied
"I really don't think that's possible, but I suppose we can try it for a few weeks..."
I inwardly did a fist pump and high-fived myself for my superb ability to finally coax Andrew into a wary yes.
With a leap that would rival that of superman, I sprang to my computer chair to begin some preliminary research. Where are the closest organic supermarkets? Where are the best Farmers Markets? Seasonal eating, local eating, community gardening... I was having a hayday.
It wasn't until a little later while I was doing dishes or some other mundane household chore that a dose of reality hit me.
"Oh my gosh," I thought "Andrew's right - there's no way I can do this..." I began listing off the obstacles  in my path to local organic eating and living - First and foremost is our already tight budget. Continuing to live in a small one bedroom apartment with our two little girls is already proof of that.
Living in a small apartment also comes with many disadvantages to an organic lifestyle - mainly that there is no storage space. I do not really have the ability to can, freeze, or otherwise store large amounts of food for any period of time.
I wondered if the neighbours would complain if I tore down their wall and added a few extra feet to my closets.
I also became keenly aware of the fact that any sort of dirt and/or soil was quite a long ways in a downward direction, and that my apartment manager might not take too kindly to me ripping up what small patches of grass there were simply to satisfy my craving for fresh carrots.
My patio window doesn't even face south. If faces east and has a lovely view of the adjacent run-down apartment building where I often observe my neighbours getting drunk and dancing half naked on their own balconies. That sight alone would probably kill my poor tomato vines anyways, so it doesn't even matter.
Then there was also the hurdle that was aptly named "January" I'm pretty sure I picked one of the worst months of the year to try and find cheap organic, local food in a northern Canadian city like Edmonton.
I nearly admitted defeat before I had even begun, but I rallied - reminding myself of why I want to eat organic and how much better it will be for me and my family. I read some inspiring blogs, said an earnest prayer for an abundance of wisdom (as well as the ability to do head math so I won't have to carry around a calculator) and then to top it all off, watched some motivational documentaries on TV about organic and sustainable living.
I also then decided that it was more important to me to be buying local, seasonal food as opposed to just 'certified organic'. Most of the local stuff is organic anyways - the small farmers just can't afford to get certified. U-picks also struck me as a good idea (at least when they aren't covered in snow. That will be something to think about a few months down the road.)
So that's the game plan... for now.
Wish me luck!!

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  1. Love this! and good luck! there is a fabulous organic health food store in stony plain (i realise maybe a bit far for you). But i would reccomend them :)



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