Organic On A Budget - Tips and Tricks 1

Okay, so it's January. In Edmonton that means thats it's freaking cold outside, and there's at least a foot of snow on the ground. So until they find a way to grow lettuce in snow, we'll be importing it and other leafy greens from other countries in the winter months. 
While digging through and cleaning out my pantry (I'm still trying to find space to do canning this summer - let's just say it's an ongoing process...) I came across some small bags of organic sprouting seeds and a couple of jars that my mom gave me a while ago. I pulled them out and decided to give it a try. 
Just to be clear, I suck at growing stuff. I've managed to kill every houseplant I bring home (RIP plants), so I'm not sure how I'll ever manage to grow a garden. However, it turns out that I can grow sprouts and not kill them. As an added bonus, they are super cheap as well! You can pick up a bag of organic seeds for about 5 bucks, and get at least 3 jars worth of sprouts. It's a super easy, yummy, inexpensive alternative to lettuce and mature leafy greens in the winter. 
I'm pretty sure that sprouts could also be used as a legitimate therapy tool to help combat the winter blues. There's something so happy about growing your own little seeds that you know are super healthy and saving you money.

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